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Acidity: Symptoms, Treatment, Ayurvedic Remedies

Acidity: Symptoms, Treatment, Ayurvedic Remedies

Acidity, also known as acid reflux or heartburn, is a common digestive disorder characterized by a burning sensation in the chest or throat, often accompanied by regurgitation of stomach acid into the mouth.

Here are some of the symptoms, treatments, and ayurvedic remedies for acidity:

Symptoms of Acidity

  • Heartburn: It is characterized by an intense discomfort in the chest that can sometimes radiate up to the throat.
  • Regurgitation: It refers to the reflux of stomach acid or food back into the mouth.
  • Dyspepsia: The presence of discomfort or pain in the upper abdomen.
  • Bloating: A sensation of fullness and discomfort in the abdominal region.
  • Nausea: A feeling of nausea or an urge to vomit.
  • Sour taste: It is characterized by a tart or acidic flavor experienced in the mouth.
  • Sore Throat: Soreness in the throat accompanied by irritation.

Treatment for Acidity

  • Lifestyle Changes: Making certain changes to your lifestyle is also part of the treatment for acidity that can help manage and prevent acidity. This includes maintaining a healthy weight and eating smaller, more frequent meals.
  • Diet Modifications: Opt for a low-fat, low-acid diet. Include more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your meals. Avoid late-night eating.
  • Antacids: Over-the-counter antacids can provide temporary relief from acidity symptoms by neutralizing stomach acid.
  • Elevating the Head of the Bed: Sleeping with the head of the bed elevated can help prevent nighttime acid reflux.
  • Weight Management: Losing excess weight can reduce pressure on the stomach and lower the risk of acidity.
  • Sleep Well: Proper sleep also acts as a treatment for acidity. Lack of sleep at night causes anxiety, which in turn increases acid levels.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Acidity

Ayurveda offers several herbal treatments for acidity and improving digestion.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera juice can have a cooling effect on the stomach and help alleviate acidity.

Tulsi (Holy Basil): Chewing on tulsi leaves or consuming tulsi tea can help in reducing acidity symptoms.

Ajwain (Carom Seeds): To reduce acidity and bloating, Ajwain seeds can be consumed with water.

Mint: Mint leaves or peppermint tea can provide relief from heartburn and indigestion.

Triphala: A mixture of three fruits (amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki) is known for its digestive benefits and can help with acidity.

Shatavari: This Ayurvedic herb is often recommended for acidity. It has soothing properties that can help alleviate acid reflux and provide relief from heartburn.

Yashtimadhu: Yashtimadhu is commonly used in Ayurveda to manage acidity. It possesses natural pacifying properties that can help relieve acid reflux and heartburn symptoms.

Udar Sanjivani: Udar Sanjivani is a treatment for acidity which is a blend of herbs such as Bhringraj, Punarnava, Giloy, Kasaundi, Rohitak, Vaividang, Kutki, etc. It gives quick and sustained results in addressing issues such as acidity, excessive gas, constipation, frequent indigestion, abdominal bloating, a burning sensation in the stomach and chest, as well as persistent burping.


While acidity is a prevalent issue, the way it affects individuals can vary significantly. It's important to note that while Ayurvedic treatment for acidity may help alleviate symptoms, in severe or chronic cases, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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